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Welcome to Pietravino


With twenty two years of experience in real estate transactions on a privileged wine axis (Champagne/Burgundy/Beaujolais/Côte du Rhône), Pietravino extends the values of Pietrapolis  (#serious#human#sincere#different) with a better support in your wine transaction projects.

Our Team


Aurélien DAVID

Training : Bachelor's degree in Economics and Law. Master in Human Resource Management (University Law of Dijon).

Background : Managing partner of Pietrapolis Dijon/Chaumont, real estate transaction. 8 years in human resources management (Insurance sector), commercial public ; 4 years experience as a consultant in human resources for medium size companies ; 1 year experience as a store manager (Intersport).

Expertise : Experience in Negotiation, Management of organizations and change management. Sporting past which still animates me in my professional daily life: surpassing oneself, taste of the performance, sense of the collective.

Adeline GAIDOT

Training : Kedge Business School (Bordeaux) in 1995 University diploma in wine, culture and wine tourism, IUVV Dijon in 2010 Technician diploma in oenology, IUVV Dijon in 2011 HEC Certificate, Business, Corporate & Implementation Strategy in 2021.

Background : 25 years of financial experience: Industries and Banks, specialized in wine financing.

Expertise : Real ability to understand the financial stakes of a sale and/or transmission on all subjects related to fundraising, financing as well as legal and heritage support.


Younes AKKI

Training : Master 2 in Business Law. Master 2 in Business Law and Management (University Panthéon Assas - Paris).

Background : Director-Partner of Pietrapolis Dijon/Chaumont, real estate transaction. Eleven years of experience as a legal manager in the pharmaceutical sector and in an international industrial group. Two years of activity in the legal field (Lawyers, Court of Appeal Prosecutor).

Expertise : Experienced in the investigation of complex cases with high strategic and confidential stakes. Management of negotiations and litigation.